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The main principle is very simple – keep your head aligned with your spine, no matter if you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper. The truth is that making it a reality is much more difficult, as finding the best pillow that will support you right, might be a struggle.

 Best pillow for side sleeper:

Always consider the distance from your head to your shoulders and remember when sleeping on your side, the gap between your shoulders and head should be filled and supported, so your head lays straight. If your pillow is too low, it will create tension and neck pain, if your pillow is too high it will create the same effect, tension, pressure and neck and back pain.

Therefore your ideal pillow should be slightly higher, little firmer to create the support you need, but most importantly it should have the right height. 

Choosing an adjustable pillow-like one of the Brightr Sleep adjustable pillows will help you find the perfect pillow if you sleep on your side much quicker.

how to choose best pillow for side sleepers

 Best pillow for back sleeper

Back sleepers require medium support, and medium-high pillow, your head should be nicely comfortable, but not tilted upwards. Choose a pillow that easily adapts to your head and ensure your head is aligned with your spine. Ask your partner to look at you from the side and let you know if your head lays straight.

Look for adjustable pillows, which will help you create optimal support.

how to choose best pillow for back sleepers

Best pillow for front sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach is the most unnatural position for your back, and it is very important to keep your pillow as low as possible, so you don’t create tension in your spine.

An adjustable pillow is a great solution for all sleeping positions, as it is easy to personalise to your body and your way of sleeping.

how to choose best pillow for front sleepers brightr waves of sleep pillows



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