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We are Brightr® Sleep, a sleep company on a mission to improve your sleep one pillow at a time. Brightr® Sleep stands for brighter mornings, brighter days and ultimately, a brighter life. We believe life is so much richer and more colourful when you’re well rested. Sleep is the essence of life. It facilitates a healthy mind, body and relationships with the people around us. Current statistics however show that over 63% of adults are not getting quality sleep and we’re here to change that. We believe a simple switch to Brightr® pillows will make a difference and help people get a good night’s sleep


The idea about Brightr pillows was born during the first lock down. Like many of you, we were spending more time at home than ever before, and it made us realised, how unhappy we are with our pillows and how hard it is to find pillow that suits you. After endless prototypes we came up with our unique IQillow™ pillow design with 3 pre-designed inner pillow layers, that makes every our pillow adjustable to different body types and sleeping positions. We were able to make it from materials that’ll have a lower impact on the planet, keep plastics out of oceans and most importantly make incredibly comfortable pillows.

At Brightr® Sleep, we love sleep period. Whether it’s napping during the day or long morning lie ins, we know it all starts with the perfect pillow. Trying to find the perfect pillow that’s not too high, or too firm, has no support or isn’t sustainable can be hard work so we made it our mission at Brightr® to create our dream pillow.

We love better sleep

At Brightr®, we do things differently. The functionality of sleep, as well as aesthetics is our north star - it guides everything we do. That’s why we didn’t just create a fantastic, adjustable pillow core that’ll fit practically anyone; we also aim to bring colour and brightness into your bedroom. We believe that plain boring pillows have had their day so we’re here to spice up your sleep environment with our Brightr® colours and cool patterns that light up your mood and make your bed look not just cosy but gives it some pizzazz.


We believe that by improving the way the world sleeps, we can help improve our communities and ultimately our planet. We start with upcycling plastic waste. We use fabrics made from regenerated plastic bottles to make our soft, dreamy pillows; therefore reducing the production of virgin polyester.