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The Untold Story why Millions Sleep in Pain and surprising new solution


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 Emily's life changed drastically after a fall while hiking in her hometown mountains. The abrupt tumble down a steep trail left her with severe spine and back injuries. Following that incident, Emily struggled with constant and excruciating pain, significantly restricting her daily life and emotional well-being. This unrelenting agony became a haunting presence, severely limiting her mobility, work, and enjoyment of once-loved activities. Each day was a struggle against the throbbing discomfort and the challenges it brought.

She couldn't forget the pain and the pain kept bothering her all the time. It made it hard for her to sleep, and she felt like she couldn't escape it.

"The pain was always there, and I couldn't sleep properly," Emily says with a strained voice. "I've been fighting this non-stop—always in pain, taking lots of pills, and never getting relief."

But Emily's experience isn't rare.

Many people go through similar tough times, dealing with a lot of pain and struggling to get good sleep.


When Emily was thinking about more medical treatments, she decided to try something different instead. "No more medication," she firmly decided. "I want to find another way to handle this pain and sleep better."

She went to see Dr. Williams, who is known for finding holistic ways to help people with pain. He talked a lot about how important good sleep is for managing pain well, and how important is a good sleeping posture to help with recovery.

He suggested Emily, to try one of the Brightr®adjustable pillows.

At first, Emily wasn't sure how a pillow could make a difference. But after using it for a few nights, she was surprised.

"After just one week, I felt better," Emily said happily. "It was amazing! I finally got the good sleep I've been wanting for so long!"

Even though she still feels some pain from her fall, Emily now feels peaceful at night and wakes up feeling refreshed in the morning.

So my big question is: Can a simple pillow really change someone's life?

For Emily, it did even more than that. It helped her find the peace she wanted—a life without constant pain and sleepless nights.


According to Dr. Williams,  Brightr® pillows can truly make a difference. "Whether you're dealing with chronic pain or facing issues like migraines, headaches, insomnia, or simply struggling to sleep well, Brightr pillows are designed to help. "My team and I have conducted extensive research focusing on various aspects, from front, back versus side sleeping to determining the right amount of neck support needed during sleep. These studies have led us to understand that pillow that adapts to your sleeping position, shoulder width, and allows you to choose the firmness level - it the only solution for a ache free sleep, and Brightr pillows offers such choice and the one-size-fits-all pillows just don't suit everyone's needs." says Dr. Williams

What Makes Brightr® Pillows Different,
and How Do they Transform Sleep?

Sleep experts and neurologistcs always talk about how important it is to have a good sleeping posture.

Brightr pillows are special because they're made to keep your head, neck, back, shoulders, and spine all in line while you sleep. This helps you sleep without pain free and wake up feeling refreshed.

Regular Pillows

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Brightr Pillows


Sleep experts and neurologistcs always talk about how important it is to have a good sleeping posture.

Brightr pillows are special because they're made to keep your head, neck, back, shoulders, and spine all in line while you sleep. This helps you sleep without pain free and wake up feeling refreshed.

How do they do it?

Well, Brightr® pillows can be adjusted to fit you perfectly using a unique 2-layer system. You can add or remove the layers to customize pillow's height. They also have four types of pillows, from soft to very firm, so you can pick the one that's not only right for how you sleep but also how comfy you want it to be.

Brightr pillows work for people who sleep on their side, back, or front, giving them the comfort they need. There's an easy test to help you find the best Brightr pillow that suits exactly what you need for better sleep.

Brightr pillows are infused with anti-bacterial copper. This helps kill bacteria that might cause allergies or acne. It makes your sleep area cleaner and more hygienic.

How Does It Work?


The two layer adjustable system

Created better sleeping posture


That helps you wake up ache-free 

The popularity of Brightr pillows is growing fast, and with nearly 20,000 satisfied customers, it's no surprise why. Here's what people who've used it have to say:

This is the ONLY pillow you need.

I have never ever seen such a genius invention and would love to meet the person who created the idea! I have bought over 20 pillows this year that just didn’t work and I am so happy that I found Brightr. I couldn’t even walk a few weeks ago from severe neck pain and now, I wake up feeling refreshed and no pain. Thank you for changing my life! ❤️

-Alan B

  • Verified customer

It's perfect

It’s perfect. This pillow is THE best pillow I have ever owned and really has made such a huge difference to my quality of sleep. Literally life changing for me (chronic pain in my face/head & chronic migraines).


  • Verified customer

No more painkillers each morning!

I had a fushion in my neck 10 years ago & have spent over £800 trying to find a pillow where I don’t wake in pain in the neck and shoulders. This was my last shot, I emailed my photos and problems to the company and they came back with detailed advise & what pillow I should try. I’m a week in and for the first time ever have woken for 7 mornings pain free! This has changed my life!! No more painkillers each morning! Now I need to order another to keep at my partners house! Honestly I’m like a new women!


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After I heard Emily's story, I wondered whether the Brightr pillow could offer a solution for my own sleep issues.

As a journalist for 16 years, the thrill of the job often overshadows the reality of how it affects my sleep quality. The constant sitting at the desk, causes me neck pains, and that troubles my sleep at night. Managing persistent neck and back pain has become a part of my life, relying on anti-inflammatory medication for relief.

Emily's experience deeply resonated with me  and driven by curiosity, I was drawn to the numerous glowing reviews Brightr had received. I decided to take a chance and ordered two pillows from their official website—one for myself and one for my husband. Seeking a second opinion never hurts. And here's what I discovered.

I took their pillow test

I took their pillow test, and I was recommended Brightr Stella pillow as  I like medium soft pillows, and I am a side sleeper and my husband was recommended an Eclipse pillow as he likes really firm pillows and have a very wide shoulders as a side sleeper. 

The pillows arrived in 2 days, which was very quick.

This pillow really stands out right from the start. Both felt distinctively different, but exactly what my expectations were, offering a unique blend of softness and support. I'd say it's of superior quality compared to other pillows I've tried, surpassing even some well-known brand-name ones I've purchased previously.

Given that I'm a side sleeper and my husband prefers sleeping on his back, we decided to see how the Brightr pillow would perform for us over the next few nights.


The pillow felt really nice and comfy, but it was more supportive than I expected. The first night, I fell asleep so easily that I didn't pay much attention. The next morning, I wasn't sure if I felt any different or if it was just my imagination. But by the third day, I knew it was real.

I slept for a solid 6 hours (which is a lot for me, usually I sleep only 4 hours a night), and my husband, who usually sleeps like a log for 8 hours, slept even better. The weirdest thing is, he didn't snore at all. Normally, he snores a lot, but with this pillow, something about how he laid his head seemed to help him a ton.


On the fifth morning of using Brightr, my husband said he hadn't slept so well in years. I trusted him because that morning when I woke up, my neck didn't hurt, and my shoulders felt less tense. It was surprising because everything else in my life was the same—I still had my busy journalism job, and my routines hadn't changed.

The only thing different was the pillow I slept on. That convinced me. I went online and ordered more pillows from the website because I wanted everyone in my family to have one.


Update: It's been 6 months using Brightr pillows, and I'm still sleeping amazingly well! When you find something that works, you start relying on it.

I've come to expect waking up refreshed without any neck or back pain. Six months ago, this would've felt impossible, but now I enjoy it every single night! At 73 years old, my dad initially thought the Brightr pillow I got for him and my mom was a bit silly. But when my mom talked about how it helped her with fibromyalgia and neck arthritis, he decided to give it a shot. A few days later, he called me and thanked me.

"I thought this pillow thing was just a fancy trick," he said, "but let me tell you, it has really changed how I sleep." Coming from my dad, that's a pretty convincing endorsement! Brightr was a life-changer for me, and it can be for you too! If you're after the best sleep of your life, this is the right choice. I can't spend a night at home or anywhere else without my Brightr pillow!

Seriously, I can't recommend it enough!

What's the price?

Pillow prices start from £49.90, depending on the comfort level, but you can get some good deals on their website. They are not the cheapest, but worth the investment.

Is it worth it?Definitely!

I'll always use the Brightr pillow for amazing sleep, whether I'm at home or traveling. Having this simple and helpful product makes my neck and back feel great, and it helps me make the most of the sleep I get. The benefits totally make it worth buying!

Do they money back guarantee? Yes, they do.
You can return it within 30 day period, even if you have slept on it.