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I'm finally waking up feeling refreshed, free from neck pains – how can even people over 50 also experience this?



Surprising yet true… 

 When you hit the over 50, ongoing sleep troubles can snowball into significant issues like irritability, diminished energy levels, and an amplified risk of falls.The prevalent sleep disorders among older individuals include:

- Obstructive sleep apnea, characterized by brief pauses in breathing during sleep due to recurrent upper airway obstruction.

- Insomnia and restless sleep, affecting 50 to 70 percent of individuals aged 65 and above, manifesting in various symptoms of sleeplessness.

- Periodic limb movement disorder
, involving involuntary limb motions during sleep.


Taking control of your sleep paterns can really help prevent these issues. Studies have shown that as people get older, they tend to report more problems with their sleep.

A striking 63% of individuals aged 60 and above report encountering some form of sleep disorder, causing not just poor sleep but also an array of other adverse effects.This is where the game-changing adjustable pillows step in at an opportune moment.

Introducing Brightr®  adjustable pillows an affordable solution that tackles sleep problems head-on, enhancing energy levels for a more vibrant day ahead.


According to Dr. Williams,  Brightr® pillows can truly make a difference. "Whether you're dealing with chronic pain or facing issues like migraines, headaches, insomnia, or simply struggling to sleep well, Brightr pillows are designed to help. "My team and I have conducted extensive research focusing on various aspects, from front, back versus side sleeping to determining the right amount of neck support needed during sleep. These studies have led us to understand that pillow that adapts to your sleeping position, shoulder width, and allows you to choose the firmness level - it the only solution for a ache free sleep, and Brightr pillows offers such choice and the one-size-fits-all pillows just don't suit everyone's needs." says Dr. Williams

Wake up finally refreshed!

Constant visits to the doctor, taking medicines, and seeking stress relief methods can be really frustrating for those who struggle with sleep.You might end up spending lots of money on different solutions, feeling more upset and confused.

That's why experts came up with the Brightr adjustable pillows. Made for total comfort and restful night's sleep. It is adjustable to all kinds of sleepers—whether you prefer sleeping on your back, side, or stomach. The design is shaped to fit everyone, regardless of your head or shoulder size. Plus, it's made from top-quality material, so it keeps its shape and gives you great support. One size fits all pillows can cause aches, poor sleep and even more stress. That's why Brightr pillows comes in different comfort levels, so you can choose which one is best for you. Get ready to wake up refreshed, full of energy, and ready to take on the day!
Brightr pillows 


Undo the damage caused by poor quality sleep

Sleeping in a bad position, especially when stressed, can lead to back pain and tension headaches. Brightr pillows are designed to provide specialized support, aiming to ease muscle pain and headaches caused by poor sleeping habits.

Why is Brightr so effective?

When you're sleeping, issues like poor airflow and snoring can happen due to your sleeping posture. Since snoring relates to the head and neck, it's smart to address what supports your head and neck for a significant part of your life!

However, many folks use pillows that don't keep their head at the right height, leading to various problems. Brightr uses  unique 2-layer adjustable design to align and support your spine naturally, reducing pain and improving sleep quality. By aligning the head and neck properly, it helps keep your airways open, reducing snoring, enhancing sleep, and decreasing the times you wake up during the night.

Brightr pillows work for people who sleep on their side, back, or front, giving them the comfort they need. There's an easy test to help you find the best Brightr pillow that suits exactly what you need for better sleep.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when sleeping is not thinking about their posture and positions.


Switching to Brightr means embracing in complete comfort & support that provides opimal sleepin posture, no matter your body size, your age or you comfort preferences, it provides the support your body requires. It helps you handle a bustling day without the annoyance of pain and tiredness. Brightr offers both support and comfort in one package.


Why Customers Love Brightr Adjustable Pillows

1. Adjustable Support Design: Featuring adaptable 2 layers, Brightr pillows cater to side, back, or stomach sleepers, no matter you size or weight.

2. Optimal Sleeping Height: Maintains your neck at the perfect level, promoting a natural sleep posture.

3. Neck Comfort: Gently cradles the head, minimizing restlessness and promoting peaceful sleep.

4. Copper Anti-Bacteri Technology: Enhanced with a cooling outer layer and an antibacterial copper cover, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic sleep experience while regulating temperature for a relaxing slumber.


This is the ONLY pillow you need.

I have never ever seen such a genius invention and would love to meet the person who created the idea! I have bought over 20 pillows this year that just didn’t work and I am so happy that I found Brightr. I couldn’t even walk a few weeks ago from severe neck pain and now, I wake up feeling refreshed and no pain. Thank you for changing my life! ❤️

-Alan B

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It's perfect

It’s perfect. This pillow is THE best pillow I have ever owned and really has made such a huge difference to my quality of sleep. Literally life changing for me (chronic pain in my face/head & chronic migraines).


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No more painkillers every morning!

I had a fushion in my neck 10 years ago & have spent over £800 trying to find a pillow where I don’t wake in pain in the neck and shoulders. This was my last shot, I emailed my photos and problems to the company and they came back with detailed advise & what pillow I should try. I’m a week in and for the first time ever have woken for 7 mornings pain free! This has changed my life!! No more painkillers each morning! Now I need to order another to keep at my partners house! Honestly I’m like a new women!


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