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Say Goodbye to Achy Neck

Are you experiencing neck pain and stiffness upon waking up? Your pillow may be the culprit. Rest assured, you're not alone, as numerous individuals encounter similar issues. Our pillow is tailored to address your improper sleeping posture, promoting restful sleep and alleviating discomfort.

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The only pillows
DEsigned to create optimal neck support

Brightr® Pillows have been crafted to alleviate neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. Our unique 3 layer IQillow pillow structure allows you to create perfect neck support, that suits your shoulder width, sleep position and comfort preferences.

Over 15,000 happy customers

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain for the last few years and really struggled to sleep comfortably. I have been through so many pillows to try to get the correct posture and support until I tried this pillow and it is just perfect for me.
Neil G.

Choose THE right pillow for you

We offer a variety of pillows which are designed to help relieve neck pains. Not only does our pillow support your neck and head, but also comforts you for a good night's sleep. So ...How soft or firm do you like your pillow?

Medium Soft

Brightr Stella Adjustable Pillow

It’s incredibly plush and feels a bit like a luxury down pillow but has the support and cooling comfort of memory foam pillow. Made from a magical blend of cooling graphene memory foam mixed with a touch of soft down alternative fibres, it will provide you medium soft spine-tingling support for your neck.

  • Adjustable 3 layer design
  • Perfect for side, back and front sleepers
  • Made from hybrid filling, soft - but supportive
  • Designed to reduce neck & shoulder pains
  • Anti-bacterial copper pillow cover
  • 30 day comfort trial
  • Medium soft comfort level
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Medium Firm

Brightr Luna Adjustable Pillow

Sink into our coolest memory foam pillow and you might never have to get out of bed again. The latest innovation in sleep is graphene memory foam, which keeps you cool throughout the night and ensures that you wake up feeling refreshed. 

  • Adjustable 3 layer design
  • Perfect for side, back and front sleepers
  • Made from shredded memory foam - adapts to your neck & shoulders
  • Designed to reduce neck & shoulder pains
  • Anti-bacterial copper pillow cover
  • 30 day comfort trial
  • Medium firm comfort level
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Very Firm

Brightr Eclipse Adjustable Pillow

Our ergonomic memory foam pillow is designed to create unbeatable support, relieve pressure and tension from your spine. The unique 4 layer adjustable pillow moulds to your desire, keeps its shape, and stays cool while you enjoy your best night's sleep. 

  • Adjustable 4 layer design
  • Perfect for side and back  sleepers
  • Made from Ergonomically moulded memory  foam layers
  • Designed to reduce neck & shoulder pains
  • Anti-bacterial copper pillow cover
  • 30 day comfort trial
  • Very firm comfort level
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How does Brightr pillows work?

Fills the gap between your shoulders and neck

Our Brightr® pillows are designed to fully support your neck and spine, whatever your sleeping shape or position. The perfect pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers or front sleepers alike, this pillow works because it has 3 ergonomic layers that mould to fit your body and keep you supported, no matter where or how you sleep.

Improves your sleeping possition

The Brightr®  pillow is designed to help correct poor posture while you sleep. By supporting your head and neck, this pillow improves spinal alignment while providing comfortable cushioning, preventing stiffness and tension in the morning.

creates support, that lasts night after night

Finding the right pillow is a daunting task. But this pillow can help you wake up ache free. With its unique shape, height and softness it will create lasting support to give you a better night sleep and more energy during the day.

Recommended by Osteopaths

Brightr® pillows are adjustable, and you can customise how thick of thin you want your pillow. That's what makes them perfect for comfort and support.

Rosi Sexton,Olton Osteopathy

How to create your perfect pillow height for Ache-free sleep?

Our bodies are different and our pillow should adapt to you. Create your perfect pillow, suited for your body at the comfort of your home.

Unzip the cover

It is so easy to create perfect support for your neck. Unzip the cover.

Remove or add layers

Add or remove the 3 layers to create perfect pillow height, we recommend 3 layers for side sleepers, 2 for back sleepers and 1 layers for front sleepers.

Enjoy ache free sleep

Enjoy rejuvenating and restful night's sleep, every night.


We’re so sure you’ll love your new Brightr® pillow that we offer a 30 night's money back guarantee. Try it for at least 14 nights to give your body and the pillow time to adapt to each other. After that, if you don't love it just let us know and we’ll give you a refund.

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